Do not go where the path may lead...

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Kristin Firth
15 October 1981
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I grew up on welfare in a tiny town in northern New Brunswick in Canada, just me and my mother.
I left home when I was 15 and got through high school with a $300/month check from the government.
I went to college on student loans, Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I was good with computers and ended up with a degree in Computer Science.
I began working for IBM the summer after my third year of college.
I didn't go back for my fourth year. I stayed with IBM, getting a new job in Austin, TX. I finished my degree part time.
I began to get restless with my corporate job and almost ended up living on a school bus but instead I started working part-time and from the road while traveling.
I didn't travel very far and I stayed in New York for over a year, spending almost every free moment heavily absorbed in the improv world and taking acting classes.
I spent a month in Japan and while I was there I interviewed for a new job (still in the US).
While thinking about this new job and thinking I needed to commit to living somewhere for many years (to get a greencard) I decided I loved and missed Austin and it was the only place I would want to commit to for that long.
It turns out I didn't need to worry about the living in one place thing, but I'd already convinced myself I should be back in Austin, so I'm going back.